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Directorate of Medical Education, Assam
Sixmile, Khanapara
Guwahati- 781022
Phone: +91-361-2366236
Fax: +91-361-2366236
Email: dme@assam.gov.in, dmeassam@gmail.com


  1. Tender Notice of Govt. Ayurvedic College.
  2. Tender Notice for Deptt. of Radiation Oncology,GMCH,Guwahati.
  3. Tender Notice for Deptt. of Radiology,GMCH,Guwahati.
  4. Tender Notice for Deptt. of Anatomy.
  5. Tender Notice for Deptt. of Bio-chemistry.
  6. Tender Notice for Deptt. of Cardiology.
  7. Tender Notice for Dental.
  8. Tender Notice for Deptt. of FSM.
  9. Tender Notice for Deptt. of Nephrology.
  10. Tender Notice for Deptt. of Orthopaedics.
  11. Tender Notice for Deptt. of Pathology.
  12. Tender Notice for Deptt. of Pediatrics.
  13. Tender Notice for Deptt. of Pediatric Surgery.
  14. Tender Notice for Deptt. of Pharmacology.
  15. Tender Notice for Deptt. of Anesthesiology.
  16. Tender Notice for Deptt. of Dermatology & ENT.
  17. Tender Notice for Deptt. of Microbiology.
  18. Tender Notice for Deptt. of Neurosurgery.
  19. Tender Notice for Deptt. of Plastic Surgery.
  20. Tender Notice for Deptt. of Radiology.
  21. Corrigendum Notice regarding IFB No.DME/187/2011/9084, Dated: 17/07/2012.
  22. Corrigendum Notice-2 regarding IFB No.DME/187/2011/9084, Dated: 17/07/2012.
  23. Extension Notice regarding IFB No.DME/207/2012/7682, Dated: 27/07/2012.
  24. Corrigendum Notice regarding IFB No.DME/207/2012/9771, Dated: 31/07/2012.
  25. Re-Tender Notice for Deptt. of Orthopaedics.
  26. Re-Tender Notice for Deptt. of Microbiology.
  27. Tender Notice for MRI Machine.
  28. Re-Tender Notice for Mould Room Equiments & TLD.
  29. Modified Technical Specification for MRI Machine.
  30. Re-Tender Notice Mould Room Equipment & TLD.
  31. Bidding Document for Re-Tendering of Mould Room Equipments & TLD.
  32. National Competetive Bidding Notice.
  33. Tender - plastic surgery.
  34. Tender - radiology.
  35. Tender - urology.
  36. Tender anesthesiology Work station.
  37. Tender Nephrology.
  38. Tender Notice for Hospital Furniture.
  39. Corrigendum cum Addendum Notice for Plastic Surgery.
  40. Corrigendum Notice Anaesthesiology.
  41. Corrigendum cum Extension Notice.
  42. Re-Tender Notice Hospital Furniture.
  43. Hospital Furniture- Re Tender Documents.
  44. Corrigendum cum Extension Notice- Supply of Hospital Furniture.
  45. Invitation for BIDS - VARIOUS DEPTT.
  46. Invitation for BIDS - MRI MACHINE.
  47. Tender documents for Various Departments.
  48. Tender documents for CT Scanner.
  49. Tender documents for MRI.
  50. Corrigendum-cum-Addendum Notice.
  51. Addendum Notice.
  52. Extension Notice- National Competitive Bidding.
  53. Re Tender Notice for 1.5 Tesla MRI machine.
  55. Corrigendum cum Addendum to MRI Tender documents.
  56. Extension notice for submission of bid documents.
  57. EOI.
  58. IFB Global Competetive Bidding for 16 Slice CT Scanner.
  59. Tender Documents for 16 Slice CT Scanner.
  60. Invitation of Bids(Medical Gases).
  61. Oxygen Tender documents.
  62. Corrigendum Notice for Medical Gas Tender
  63. Corrigendum - Addendum Notice Medical Gas Cylinder Capacity.
  64. Corrigendum Notice 17-02-2014.
  65. Corrigendum, Addendum cum Extension Notice.
  66. Short Tender Notice Office Canteen.
  67. Corrigendum-cum-Addendum notice Medical Gases.
  68. National Competitive Bidding for various Deptt.
  69. Tender Cancellation Notice.
  70. Tender Cancellation Notice Office Canteen.
  71. Tender Cancellation Notice.
  72. Canteen Re-Tender Notice.
  73. National Competitive Bidding 9 groups.
  74. NAT Tender cancellation Notice.
  75. Tender Notice ENT.
  76. Tender Notice Various Deptt..
  77. Tender Notice O&G.
  78. Tender Notice Ophthalmology./li>
  79. Tender Notice ORTHOPEDICS.
  80. Tender Notice Pathology.
  81. Tender Notice PHYSIOLOGY.
  82. Tender Notice Surgery.
  83. Tender Notice for CSSD.
  84. Whole body 16 slice CT scanner Tender document.
  85. Tender Document for Supply of Equipment for CENTRAL STERILE SUPPLY DEPARTMENT(CSSD).
  86. Bid document for 16 slice CT Scan MachineTender.
  87. Corrigendum CSSD Tender.
  88. Corrigendum, Addendum & Extension Notice-CSSD Tender.
  89. Corrigendum cum Addendum Notice-16 slice CT Scan Machine Tender.
  90. Pre-Bid Meeting CSSD Tender.
  91. Corrigendum Notice 16 slice CT scanner.
  92. Invitation for Bids-Digital Video Colposcope.
  93. Extension Notice 16 Slice CT Scanner.
  94. Digital Video Colposcope Tender Documents.
  95. Corrigendum-cum-Extension Notice 16 slice CT scanner.
  96. Corrigendum-cum-Extension Notice IFB No.DME-341-2010-9452.
  97. Extension Notice CSSD.
  98. New Tender Notice.
  99. Tender document of Deptt. of Pulmonary Medicine.
  100. Tender document Aerosol Disinfector.
  101. Tender Notice for Dept. of Pathology, Anaesthesiology & Paediatrics.
  102. Tender document for Pathology Deptt.
  103. Tender document for Anaesthesiology Deptt.
  104. Tender document for Paediatrics Deptt.
  105. Corrigendum Notice-Tender Pathology.
  106. EOI for Supply of Medical Books & Journals.
  107. Tender Notice for Supply & installation of Equipments-Machines for various Deptt..
  108. New Tender document for supply & installation of Equipments-Machines for Various Deptt.
  109. Invitation for Bids-National Competitive Bidding.
  110. Tender Document for Supply and Installation of CT Scan Machine.
  111. Tender Document for Supply and Installation of Cobalt & TPS.
  112. Extension Notice-64 Slice CT Scan& Cobalt-60 Teletherapy Machine.
  113. 128 Slice CT Scanner Machine Re Tender.
  114. Corrigendum 128 Slice CT Scannner.
  115. Corrigendum Notice-for supply & installation of 128 slice ct scan machine.
  116. NEW TENDER Pace Maker.
  117. Extension Notice-Pacemaker.
  118. Clarification Notice.
  119. Invitation for E-BID (IFB)-National Competetive Bidding.
  120. Pre-Bid Meeting.
  121. Invitation for E-BID.
  123. REOI.
  125. REOI-Pre EOI Meeting.
  126. Corrigendum-REOI.
  127. Corrigendum Notice-Comprehensive Consultancy Services for Infrastructure Development.
  128. Minutes of the REOI Opening Committee Meeting.
  129. Technical Evaluation Committe Meeting.
  130. REOItechnicalevaluationminutes.